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Keiser Air300 Leg Press

Keiser Air300 Leg Press
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The Air300 Leg Press is extremely smooth and is the product of choice for sports applications and the rehabilitation market. The combination of unilateral movement and Keiser’s smooth pneumatic technology make it a perfect machine for power training. The fully adjustable seated position protects the lower back by keeping it stabilized, offering a better pre-stretch on the gluteus muscles, which allows them to be more active during the exercise. Easier entry and greater range of motion are achieved through a movable stop to hold the foot plates during entry and exit.

Technical Information:
47" / 1194 mm
37" / 940 mm
69" / 1753 mm
350 lbs / 159 kg
Resistance Range:
0 - 1562 lbs / 0 - 709 kg