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Keiser Air350 Biaxial Chest Press

Keiser Air350 Biaxial Chest Press
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The creative engineering of the Air350 Biaxial Chest Press combines two chest movements into one exercise. As you press outward the hands also move inward, taking the chest muscles through a greater range of motion. This increased range of motion, along with the natural strength curve generated by the biaxial movement ensures maximum development of the important muscles of the chest and upper arms. The individual movement of the exercise arm prevents the stronger side from helping out the weaker side. Range of motion adjustments accommodate various body sizes and flexibility.

Technical Information:
76" / 1930 mm
46" / 1168 mm
60" / 1524 mm
187 lbs / 85 kg
Resistance Range:
0 - 310 lbs / 0 - 141 kg